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Boss of Your Vagina..

The vagina is called by many names. Yoni, va jay jay, Ms. Kitty and the list goes on and on. Every woman has one and yet most women don't know much about it and are ashamed to ask questions are talk about it. So first let's address the realities of a vagina. All vagina's have a scent. A fishy smell doesn't mean you're "nasty, but it does mean your pH is out of whack and you may have bacterial vaginosis or bacterial vaginitis. Douching is not healthy. All products that say pH balanced are not and will most likely steer you away from your goals of having a healthy vagina. All vaginas emit discharge, but all W.A.P. ain't good W.A.P. Pay attention to the amount, color and smell of the discharge being released, as well as, the circumstances. And last, but not least, every vagina is different and special in its own way. DO NOT LET ANYONE VAGINA SHAME YOU!

The first lesson I learned as a teenager is that the vagina is complicated and even doctors feel ashamed or don't have the knowledge available to help us understand all of the things that go on with us and our vagina's. And let's be honest, it can affect your self esteem. It has definitely affected mine at some point. On more than one occasion in fact. This is why we are so careful with the products that we present to you for care of such an important, delicate and complicated part of our bodies. Something simple as the soap or body wash that you use can upset your pH balance and give you a bacterial infection. Too much acidity can throw off your pH balance. As we age the skin of the labia thins and becomes even more delicate. Some of us sweat heavily in that area and feel a little gross throughout the day. Trust me you are not alone in this struggle for good vaginal health and cleanliness. It is important also to not ignore symptoms when we have them. Consult your physician when necessary and be the boss of your vaginal health.

Below is a list of products to help you get your vagina in check.

Yoni Herbal Steam Blend - Herbmosk Yoni Steam Herbs product is a ancient herbal cleansing practice. Practiced by doulas, midwives and medicine women around the world for centuries which has the amazing and unbelievable functions on women who have heavy menstruation, postpartum, vaginal dryness, bacterial or yeast infections, hormonal imbalances, pH imbalances problems. Please use with the Sitz bath.

Yoni Love Herbal Soak - Relax and treat your lady parts to some well-deserved care and attention with our Yoni Love Bath Soak! We use only all natural ingredients to create this fantastic feminine soak that will soothe and refresh your vagina while you enjoy some restful time in the tub! This herbal soak is a convenient alternative to a yoni herbal steam. The calming yoni soak is made with carefully chosen mild ingredients to freshen and rebalance the natural flora.

pH Balancing Bath Crystals - Do you like to use bath bombs and bubble bath? Keep that pH in check with these awesome bath crystals. Get your tub water to the proper pH level to maintain feminine balance and comfort.

Lavender or Rose Feminine Wash - this wash has soothing emolients that calms and sooths your vaginal area without over drying and causing irritation. The all natural ingredients make it safe for daily use.

Yoni Mist and Cleansing Spray - this spray is great for a quick clean throughout the day or even post bathroom. It eliminates odor and infection causing bacteria with its all natural ingredients and fits right inside of your purse.

Feminine Intimate Spray - this spray can be used under your breasts or in your vaginal area to remove sweat and odors. It's cooling effects with give you the quick refresher that you need. It can be used as a cooling deodorant for that spot where the underwire hits, or to simply freshen panties, liners and pads.

Sacred Yoni Oil - Yoni Sacred Feminine Oil is made with all natural ingredients that have been chosen for feminine health and dryness properties. This delicate oil is handmade with a special blend of herbs, vegetable oils and essential oils intended for the lady's sacred place. It can also be used as a body oil, massage oil, after shave oil, and so much more. Keep our Yoni Scared Feminine Oil in your bedside drawer or bathroom cabinet so you'll always have it close by when you need it! This oil is just what you need to keep your sacred place balanced and combat dryness.

Yoni Balm Feminine Salve - Treat your tender parts with the TLC they deserve with our Yoni Balm with Tamanu, Lavender and Clary Sage! This soothing and all natural salve is made with healing oils and is perfect to use for vaginal discomfort. Great for treating ingrown hairs and cysts that occur in the vaginal area. Ideal for vaginal discomfort. Made from all natural ingredients.

Womb Tea - Helps with relieving cramps & heavy (periods), warm womb and relief menstrual pain, detox womb and vagina, balancing hormones, dryness, fertility issues, etc.

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