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Journey to Healing...

Life can take you through some phases that you never saw coming. In the space of 1 year, I have faced many changes and transitions. I lost my “9-5”, went back to college, launched a new e-store with my daughter and most importantly I healed. Every journey starts somewhere and Jeweline is the result of my own personal healing. Oh, and I am not just talking about broken hearts and sore back kind of healing. I am talking about that deep emotional, spiritual, mental, and physical healing. The kind of healing that forces you to become very aware of your reality and the harshness of it and also the kind of healing that makes you grateful that grace has been upon you because you couldn’t see the pitfalls in your path.

For most of my adult life I suffered with insomnia. Most days it didn’t matter what time I woke up because I would still be sleepless in Chicago until the wee hours of the morning the next day. I would like to tell you that the sleep aids offered by Jeweline are what helped me break the cycle, but it was really items of spiritual awareness that have helped me get pass this stumbling block. I found a 3-hour audio file of Tibetan singing bowls on You Tube and it was while listening to these bowls sing every night that my cycle began to break. At first, I would just lay there and listen for hours until I fell asleep. And then I started setting the intention to sleep by creating an environment for sleep. I would light a candle with a soothing scent, take a hot shower or bath and rinse the dirt, grime, and negativity from the day off of me, and then meditate in the glow of the candle. And then I added the singing bowl soundtrack to my meditation practices. I noticed that when I laid down, my mind was much calmer, and I was falling asleep in less than 30 minutes. It is now down to 5 deep breaths on most nights before I am in a deep restful sleep.

Often times we don’t realize how much small changes that we make in our daily lives improve our overall wellness. Now mind you we were well on our way to cultivating what is now Jeweline or at this time, and I had found a way to solve one of my issues with products that we now offer to you. But I had a long, long journey ahead of me to heal myself. I mean I still had issues up the wazoo. I first used one of our most beloved soap brands, Caron & Co., and immediately noticed how much dirt was running off of me in the shower. I can’t lie, I was perplexed. I had been an avid Dove brand user for years. I literally had stockpiles of the stuff and I had never ever felt as clean as I did with one shower with this all-natural soap. But the results were greater than just clean, glowing skin. An unintended result was that I no longer had recurring bacterial vaginosis episodes. Quick side note, most women look at this as a symptom of a woman’s cleanliness, but it is not. It means that her vaginal pH is out of balance and honey that can be caused by so many internal and external factors, that it is generalized as part of being a woman. In my case, my beloved Dove was doing me way more harm than I ever knew. A decision was made that all-natural soaps and body washes had to become part of the Jeweline line-up.

However, our main focus is healing the body with natural tinctures, extracts, oils, and salves. And to be honest this is where Jeweline offers the most benefit, but it is a hard concept for people to wrap their minds around. Some of the issues that I had like severe inflammation, hormonal imbalance, mood swings, irritability and an imbalance of insulin distribution have been corrected by using 3 products consistently. Just over $50 a month changed my life, and my doctor was not involved. I use firefighter for inflammation, balancing act for hormone balancing and nature’s insulin for insulin metabolizing and distribution. When I use these products consistently my life is so much better than when I get grown and stop using them. The difference is very noticeable, and the best benefit is that they are all natural. There is no damage being done to my liver and kidneys or any other major organs.

This truly the reason why we work so hard to find the best products. It is why we keep evolving and changing in our short amount of time in the game. We are forging a path to healing through our different concepts of what wellness is. Wellness is not a one product solves all. It’s not just about the tinctures, the soaps, or the sage. We believe that true wellness is the collective of taking care of your body from the inside and out, while nurturing your spirit and mental well-being. It has changed our lives for the better in more ways than one and we want to pass it forward. That’s just the Jeweline way.

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