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"Mother Nature" Can be a mother *****! >:(

Updated: Apr 23, 2021

Women have dealt with menstrual problems at some point in their life whether it's dealing with unbearable cramps, bloating, or other extreme PMS symptoms, sometimes over the counter medicines just don't cut it. That is why we made it our mission to find natural products for women of any age to use to combat the dreadful "time of the month".

Our products Don't Cramp My Style Tincture, Womb Tea, Menstrual Support Roll-On, and Monthly Comfort Shower bombs are the products you need in order to ease the symptoms of your cycle.

- Don't Cramp My Style: This tincture helps your body during the menstruation cycle and helps ease the cramps. You can also use this tincture during postpartum.

- Menstrual Support Roll-On: This for the relief on the go! Think of it as a Don't Cramp My Style Tincture in a roll-on form, you can take this anywhere and use it anytime when you are experiencing menstrual symptoms.

Womb Tea: This tea helps regulate your cycle, and also ease cramping. You can drink this tea every day not just during your cycle.

Monthly Comfort Shower Smoothies: These shower smoothies are aromatherapy that absorbs into your skin. Find your monthly comfort.

Mixing clary sage, lavender, and rose; the Monthly Comfort blend can be used by women to soothe and relax.

Clary sage is the main ingredient in this blend and is high in sesquiterpene phytoestrogen compounds. Many women experience painful or uncomfortable symptoms each month. Increased stress, hormonal imbalances, improper diet, lack of water, and poor exercise can all be culprits in causing increased pain.

We know first hand how dealing with menstruation can be difficult and wanted to provide our customers a natural way to find relief. Shop Our Menstrual Products today and give yourself some relief!

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