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Seasons Change (Transitions)

Hi Jewels. As many of you already know, Jeweline is run by a mother/daughter duo consisting of myself (LaTonja) and my daughter. A little over a week ago, we suffered a great loss as my mother transitioned from this life. My daughter and I temporarily closed the site to deal with the immediate grief that consumed us, but I re-opened it this week. As the seasons are quickly changing so are our lives and because our "jewels" mean so much to us we want to be as honest and transparent with you as we possibly can.

Over the past year since we launched we have had several highs and some lows. We were growing as individuals and dealing with family and lost focus on Jeweline being the best that it could possibly be. We Are Not Closing! But we are reevaluating what we offer and who we are as a brand, while we quickly adjust our lives as a result of the loss we have suffered. You may be asking, what does all of this mean to me, your customer or potential customer? And you have a right to wonder how this affects you. What it means is that our social presence will be less, you will get less emails and promotions from us and there will likely be no immediate additions to product offerings in the next few months. What you can expect is the same great customer service and fast delivery as usual. What I can promise is that our dedication to our customers and offering great natural products to help heal your body, pamper your body and relieve your soul will never change.

You can help shape the future of by emailing us what you like about the Jeweline experience, starting with the website, product offerings, packaging, etc. Let us know your favorite products or why you haven't bought certain products that we offer. Allow us to tap into your brains as our loyal customers so that we can cater more to your needs and wants. And remember We Are Not Closing. We will forever be here for you by phone, email and text.


The Head Jewels in Charge

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